Fleet 33, 55, 77 and MPDS – closure dates announcement

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Inmarsat have now confirmed End of Life dates for Fleet 33, 55 & 77.

As new and innovative technologies emerge and marketplace requirements change, the products and services eventually reach their natural end of life (EOL).

We can now confirm the schedule is as follows:

Service EOL Date
MPDS 31 December 2017
Fleet 33 & 55 31 December 2018*
Fleet 77 1 December 2020

*Fleet 33 & 55 EOL date subject to further validation and may be scheduled earlier in 2018.

What is EOL?
‚End of Life – EOL‘ is the time when the terminals associated with the retired services are deactivated on the network and the services are no longer available to customers.
Note: Please be advised that activations of the Fleet services should cease at least three months prior to the respective EOL dates (as above).

Why is Inmarsat ending Fleet services?
Inmarsat has retired several of the legacy services operating over the Inmarsat-3 (I-3) satellites during the last few years. The I-3 satellites are reaching the end of their lifespan and therefore it is necessary to continue the end of life process of the legacy services, including Fleet services.

Note: Inmarsat is committed to providing safety at sea and will continue to offer and support the Inmarsat-C service. This service will be migrated to the Inmarsat-4 (I-4) satellites.

What service migration options are available?
Customers are encouraged to migrate to one of the following Inmarsat services which offer simultaneous voice and IP data:

Service Performance Capabilities
Fleet One •    Up to 100kbps Always-on IP data
•    Voice
•    SMS
•    Inmarsat’s free ‘505’ safety service
FleetBroadband 250 •    Up to 284kbps Always-on IP data
•    Up to 9 phone lines
•    Group 3 and 4 fax
•    SMS
•    Inmarsat’s free ‘505’ safety service
FleetBroadband 500 •    Up to 432kbps Always-on IP data
•    Up to 9 phone lines
•    Group 3 and 4 fax
•    SMS
•    Inmarsat’s free ‘505’ safety service
Fleet Xpress •    Up to 8 Mbps Always-on IP data
•    Committed Data Rates
•    Up to 25 phone lines with support for 5 concurrent calls
•    Unlimited FleetBroadband back-up
•    Inmarsat’s free ‘505’ safety service

Inmarsat is developing a set of incentives to support customers wishing to migrate to one of their well established services.

For further information, or if you would like to discuss the migration options and available incentives, please contact us.